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Friday, September 20, 2013

Just a tiny little child
Three years old,
And a mother with a heart
All of gold.

Often did that mother say,
Jesus hears us when we pray,
For He’s never far away
And He always answers.

Now, that tiny little child
Had brown eyes,
And she wanted blue instead
Like blue skies.

For her mother’s eyes were blue
Like forget-me-nots. She knew
All her mother said was true,
Jesus always answered.

 So she prayed for two blue eyes,
Said “Good night,”
Went to sleep in deep content
And delight.

Woke up early, climbed a chair
By a mirror. Where, O where
Could the blue eyes be? Not there;
Jesus hadn’t answered.

 Hadn’t answered her at all;
Never more
Could she pray; her eyes were brown
As before.

Did a little soft wind blow?
Came a whisper soft and low,
“Jesus answered. He said, No;
Isn’t No an answer?”

 -Amy Carmichael

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  1. I'm so glad I know that I've heard that before and I already knew you wished you had blue eyes.